In Hernandez-Oharriz & Santiago Law Firm, P.S.C., we duly believe in the personalyzed legal representation of our clients. It is critical for our clients to feel as comfortable as possible. For that reason, we know the process of engagement and rates function an integral part for that goal to be achieved.  That in mind, we are as flexible as we may be to accomodate our services to the specific needs of every client.  We treat each client on a "case by case" basis, where we determined together the best approach to accomodate the services to be rendered at a reasonable rate.  We encourage mostly every possible engagement to work, such as, monthly fees, hourly fees, mix montly fees and hourly fees, one time flat fee, Payment Plans, and/or in some cases, we take the case on a contigent basis.  Please, feel free to contact us to consult our rates for any specific legal service needed.

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