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About us

Our Law Firm, Hernandez-Oharriz & Santiago Law Firm, ("HOS") was founded by attorneys, Mr. Edgardo J. Hernández Ohárriz and Mr. Gilberto J. Santiago Martínez in May of 2011. Since its inception we have developed a vigorous practice in civil complex litigation, torts, contracts, real estate, labor, class actions and corporate matters, among others.  We are equipped with special set of legal skills acquired through the years to duly represent your legal demands in State, Federal and administrative Courts. Our goal is to serve your specific legal request with a strategic legal approach. 



In HOS we have developed a strong practice in civil complex litigation.  Therefore, we cover a vast array of civil matters which is challenging to list them altogether. Considering this, the following matters are examples, not exclusive, of areas of the Law that we typically, in HOS, provide formidable legal services:

  • Torts/Personal Injury Law​

  • Contracts Law​

  • Landlord/Tenant Law​

  • Corporate Law​​​​

  • Real Estate Law

  • Consumer Class Actions

  • Labor Law

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Centro Internacional de Mercadeo

100 PR-165 Suite 612
Guaynabo, PR 00968




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